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A sainted and holy invention. Water pipe used for smoking groovy ganja. Sometimes ice is added to the water to cool the smoke.

I love my bong!
by schteve April 01, 2003
1. Hard arse stimulant. White powder derived from the Coca plant, native of Sth. America. Very expensive but in small quantities is a fine buzz...

2. Short for Coca Cola - essence of American capitalist pigdog. Made from bumsweat and sugar.
by schteve April 01, 2003
Burger made to an inferior standard.
See - McDonalds
by schteve April 03, 2003
The valley between a woman's breasts, more commonly known as cleavage
Her pendant was comfortably nestled at the north entrance to the gland canyon.
by Schteve March 19, 2005
A stupid or repungnant person. (20th cent origin - possibly Australian)
"Pshaw! You truly are are fucknucle, Prime Minister Howard!"
by Schteve March 17, 2003
Recepticle for the collection of bumsweat.
by schteve April 01, 2003
(adjective) Referring to a particularly nasty, scary, hairy, usually fast-moving spider.

Note: a cute Daddy-Long-Legs would NOT qualify.
There's a really boodgy spider in the northeast corner of the shed.

You'd better watch out for that boodgy spider about to bungee down onto your head.
by Schteve December 16, 2004
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