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Word and/or phrase that reflects the character Seth Cohen on the show The O.C. Can be a form of sarcasm that Seth usually uses throughout the show.
Seth: Happy Chrismukkah! Eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents.

Seth: You remember the meatloaf incident of '98?
Kirsten Cohen: That was brisket.
Seth: That's my point exactly.

Seth: Dude. You're a Cohen now. Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.

Wow. You have mastered sarcasm. Lay of the cohenisms, will ya?
by hellokitty117 May 08, 2007
A word used by Simpsons writers to explain things that sound like it comes from Simpson writer David X (previously S) Cohen.
commentary: .. those of you who are fans of David S. Cohen will like this episode because it has a lot of Cohenisms in it..
by Dsanwor October 16, 2007
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