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Coheed and Cambria is a progressive rock band very similar to the band rush. They have released three concept albums all the same story told in different parts; they plan to release five parts in total. They have the potential to be a really good band.

The guitar and drums are all right on and could even be considered pretty good, but as soon as Claudio Sanchez starts singing I can't help but laugh my ass off. It sounds like someone took his balls and placed them in a giant metal clamp that has yet to be removed. That or he inhales helium before every song he sings. I just can't take them seriously with a voice like that.

Hopefully they'll get a lead singer soon who sound like an actual guy instead of a five year old girl on prozac, then I can finally start liking them.
Coheed and Cambria sound pretty awesome until Sanchez opens his mouth, then I can't even concentrate on the music cause I'm laughing too hard.
by pash March 04, 2006
A band that somehow made the world's best deal with the devil - they can produce what sounds like three cats being strangled in a blender during World War II and somehow convince a legion of slavering fans that it constitutes music. Not only that, but it's somehow worth a five-goddamn-part masturbatory epic about two fucking fantasy characters that Claudio Sanchez probably thought up sometime in third grade and just never let go. Fuck that guy. He looks like a yeti and sings like Robert Plant without the tone, talent, and masculine voice.

Also, evidence that there is no just and loving God.
- Hey, dude, just bought the new Coheed and Cambria album!
- What a coincidence. I am actually a sophisticated killing machine from the future, sent back to kill all trace of this apocalyptically bad music!
*shoots in head*

2. -I was praying the other day, and -
- Coheed and Cambria.
by Brian Stokes Mitchell March 02, 2006
One of those trendy "emo" bands.
The lead singer sounds like he got his nuts caught in a mousetrap, if he has any nuts all...
fuck all that gay poppy emo shit.
by Liberate te ex inferis November 16, 2004
Possibly the most pussy sounding band I have ever heard. No talent homos who just show anyone can get a record deal if they try hard enough.
Wow, Coheed and Cambira suck balls
by Shawn Jeck January 10, 2005
crappy emo band
everyone says their sound is unmatched...
it WAS matched by RUSH in 1985
tries to make concepts albums like Pink Floyd but just ruins the whole thing
they should burn in hell
"I love Coheed and Cambria"
"Lemme listen...
That isnt coheed, thats fuckin RUSH"
by Mark December 07, 2004