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A synonym for whore.
Goddamn, Paris Hilton, stop fucking people and stop faking celibacy for the press; we can see through you, you're just that anorexic!
by KVENNE September 14, 2006
R. Kelley's masterpiece, this shit is art! An engaging story about somebody who's cheating on his wife with somebody who's cheating on her husband who's fucking so and so... everybody gets laid, basically.
See also-pointless.
Oh my fucking god! Everybody's cheating on everybody else and I'm trapped in a closet! OH GOD I'M ACTUALLY CLAUSTROPHOBIC. Please help me, I'm trapped in the closet, oh my god I'm going to die.
by KVENNE September 14, 2006
Some sort of emo/hair metal/prog rock hellish trifecta of pain that has managed to gather many loyal fans, they are led by a castrato singer with a really fucking high voice that turns a lot of people off while at the same time mesmerizes Geddy Lee fans.
Also, they release concept albums that would make Pete Townshend want to dig his own grave so he may spin in it. Did I mention the part where the band is overhyped?
Claudio Sanchez doesn't have testicles, Coheed and Cambria is basically Rush fronted by a chipmunk.
by KVENNE September 14, 2006

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