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Family of drunken morons. Think they know everything but thats so not true...very selfish
those Coffey boys are the biggest jerks i have ever met in my life.
by pooperscooper19 August 27, 2008
A last name of Gaelic origin; having, despite common misconception, nothing to do with beans or brewed beverages, though often explained to strangers as being "like the drink, only spelled different."
Telemarketer: "Good evening; may I speak with a Mr.....um, koh-FAY?"

Mr. Coffey: "It's pronounced Coffey; like the drink, only spelled different."
by Mr. Kohfay February 02, 2010
aka a flid (meaning retarded or spastic) talks about stuff that doesn't make sense
Coffey kicked a pigeon and said im Hench ! and then after asked his friend for cookies making no sense of the situation.
by Mr Butt ( D for dead donkey July 20, 2010
Sometimes mistaken for 'Coffee' when it actually has nothing to do with the drink. In most cases using the term "Coffey" refers to a one Trish Coffey, in which a sexual joke will be made towards her, or already has been
"Yo I asked Trish coffey who the boss was and she replied "You are, You are." I replied " No bitch Tony Danza is." and I donkey punched her, that was the end of that
by The secret man January 14, 2009