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A last name of Gaelic origin; having, despite common misconception, nothing to do with beans or brewed beverages, though often explained to strangers as being "like the drink, only spelled different."
Telemarketer: "Good evening; may I speak with a, koh-FAY?"

Mr. Coffey: "It's pronounced Coffey; like the drink, only spelled different."
by Mr. Kohfay February 02, 2010
aka a flid (meaning retarded or spastic) talks about stuff that doesn't make sense
Coffey kicked a pigeon and said im Hench ! and then after asked his friend for cookies making no sense of the situation.
by Mr Butt ( D for dead donkey July 20, 2010
Sometimes mistaken for 'Coffee' when it actually has nothing to do with the drink. In most cases using the term "Coffey" refers to a one Trish Coffey, in which a sexual joke will be made towards her, or already has been
"Yo I asked Trish coffey who the boss was and she replied "You are, You are." I replied " No bitch Tony Danza is." and I donkey punched her, that was the end of that
by The secret man January 14, 2009
Family of drunken morons. Think they know everything but thats so not true...very selfish
those Coffey boys are the biggest jerks i have ever met in my life.
by pooperscooper19 August 27, 2008
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