Coffee is an acronym for Condoms organised fantastic fucks endlessly ensured.
I received a message from a woman, a good friend, asking me to meet her for coffee in Dublin.
by St Ias November 18, 2005
Bad name to be called.
Hey What's up Coffee!
by Kirby March 10, 2005
a person who has been coughed on
the coffee got a cold from this
by kevin dow February 27, 2005
Something that drips onto a banana when your Aunt Flow comes to visit.
Oh my! I need some bananas because I'm dripping coffee!
by Felsey August 27, 2005
Also known as ambrosia (literally "of the immortals" or "food of the immortals"), coffee is a popular beverage well known for its caffeine content. It is commonly used in the morning to help one wake up, but it may be used at any time to help keep one awake. Programmers and gamers use it all the time.
America runs on coffee, which is what dunkin donuts' slogan really means.
it is well-known that a programmer is a machine that turns coffee into code.
by macks2008 August 07, 2015

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