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a person who is coughed upon
by linda February 09, 2002
The master of many slaves that make up the working class.

Coffee should be drank either black or with no more than 15% cream and sugar to be truly enjoyed. However, many people prefer beverages that try to pass for coffee but are like less than 50% coffee and mostly milk/cream and sugar.
I can't function in the morning without at least 1 cup of Columbian brew coffee.
by RC July 16, 2005
Black, strong and with no sugar: the elixir of life.
I feel dead...I know, I'll go drink some coffee!
by Criminal Activist October 23, 2007
sex in its liquid form
coffee is the greatest and most vital invention since the wheel
by cyber573 April 09, 2008
The reason we can't sleep at night, the reason why people have to pee every to seconds, the cause of kids born with ADHD, and why superman can fly.
Without coffee I wouldn't be up at 3:00 in the morning writing the definition of coffee. Instead, Ii would be sleeping and not peeing every 2 seconds.
by Connor Smith August 10, 2007
liquid intelligence
My caffeine induced ramblings are critically acclaimed. Coffee is ingenuity.
by cowbella March 22, 2009
The lone "definition" you can get on a mug without looking like a total retard.
Bill: Hey Joe, check out my new mug from Urban Dictionary! It's the defintion of "cuntfucker"! Turns out this definition means "one who fucks many a cunt"! Pretty cool way to drink your coffee, huh?

Joe: What the fuck?

Nearby Worker: Are you fucking insane?

Boss: You're fired!

*Boss drinks from UD mug with the definition of "coffee".*
by Sue Doe Nymm July 13, 2009