The master of many slaves that make up the working class.

Coffee should be drank either black or with no more than 15% cream and sugar to be truly enjoyed. However, many people prefer beverages that try to pass for coffee but are like less than 50% coffee and mostly milk/cream and sugar.
I can't function in the morning without at least 1 cup of Columbian brew coffee.
by RC July 16, 2005
Coffee (verb): to procure and drink the drink of gods.
Students on way to school.
Student 1: I'm going coffee?(Rhetorical Question)
(Meaning; i'm going to get and drink coffee, wanna come?)
Student 2: .......
Student 1: (Goes to Cafe and gets coffee)
by Triple shot short black April 15, 2011
An excellent drink for late night runs to a diner. However the drink can easily be destroyed and made into bath water by adding too many creamers. Also some people express there love of coffee in different ways.
by molemon December 02, 2008
(n.), the person upon whom one coughs.
"Did you just cough on me?"

"Yes, you're a coffee"
by TangoApple December 07, 2009
The perfect drink to late night diner runs. Can be easily killed and can taste like bath water when you add too many creamers. Some people show a high desire love for the drink.(see example)
by Molemon December 01, 2008
One who is coughed upon.
Jane coughed on Jim, Jim punched her. Jim is a bad coffee.

I was coughed on, I am a coffee.
by OfficerCash March 26, 2009
someone who is coughed upon
"is the coffee ok? no he contracted bronchitis"
by Jabliz February 24, 2009
Simply put, it's one of the most pathetic excuses for looking like "a fancy high-strung hunk of 'Can't get my ass out of bed' crap who want's to feel good abput him/her self"
I drink Coffee because it help's me wake up.
by Free from Stupid October 27, 2008

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