A Name for a fun, caring, sexy human being who also has a thing for lollipops. Favorite flavor possibly cherry. Best match would be a Devin, Jayy, Dahvie, and Cam
Cody sure loves his blow pops
by Kyle Travers October 03, 2012
A man who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. he is very popular but likes to kiss underage high school girls. his hobbies include hooking up with the same girl over and over again, wrestling, participants in abstinence and heavy drinking. although he is popular he tends to push the girls away with his arrogance. this guy likes to party, with the consequence of being overwhelmed with whiskey dick. He has many friends but only one best friend, some would consider them to be brothers. He is going somewhere in life!
Cody likes to chill around high school girls
by Anthony smith September 07, 2012
A dick who acts like he knows everything and treats everyone like crap! One who abandons ones who love and need him. Just a plain ass.
cody left the family again!
by Schmick March 27, 2015
A fat person who lives in a boat and hangs out with a bunch of drug dealers. And has a fat,annoying,drama queen Girlfriend.
ew look there's Cody!
by Ariah March 03, 2015
The biggest douche bag you will ever meet. his car is a piece of junk, even though he thinks it's the hottest thing ever. If you ever see a Cody, just walk up to him and punch him in the junk and scream "You Know Why!" . Cody has numerous problems, including a temper problem and bi-polar disorder. Cody is usually also abnormally short and talks more than a girl.
Cody: "Hey"
Everyone / Anyone: *junk punch*

Cody: "Why?"
Everyone / Anyone: "YOU KNOW WHY!"
by superswag April 26, 2012
A Dick who never stops texting his girl when his friends are over
You see that cody over there? you mean the one on the phone?
by mac the evil June 24, 2011
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