Cody - (Codee) 1 Essentially the God among mortals; contains a large cock and can twerk with the best of bitches. 2 A bitchy ginger kid with astigmatism.
1 "Bow down to thy Lord, bend knee to Cody!"
2 "Oh its Cody SHIT. Fuck that fag."
by GodofLords March 14, 2014
The name of a relatively attractive male who loves dirt biking and is a little red-neck if not a lot.
Look at Cody- hes cute and good at dirt biking!
by TheObservantServant September 27, 2013
Awesome boyfriend, so sweet, so loveable, will do anything to try to make someone happy. Aly loves him to death <3 Heheheee, he will always be thar, Cutee <3 awesome, amazing. And your reallly luky if you know him,
OMG that cody is awesome.! <3
by Hum dum dum.. August 22, 2011
A guy who is blissfully perfect the first time you meet him. You can talk to him for hours and hours. His smile is irresistable and kissable. Most likely he is a football player and incrediblely handsome in his own way. In the end, if you're not watching out he can turn from your everything to your enemy. One day is all it takes. Don't fall for a Cody. There's a chance he'll never love you back. You wont be able to get him out of your mind, but that's ok to him, mainly cuz he's just a Cody...
Girl 1: OMG!! I just danced with him!! Oh gawdd I love him!
Girl 2: Been there, done that! Watch out. He plays girls like a Cody.
by Always in my heart<3 January 19, 2012
A gangster-looking ass with a soft spot in his heart. Loves music and DJing. A dude with a bad ass glare and a sweet smile
That kid is so sensitive for a dick! What a Cody.
by Bricorica October 03, 2013
A Name for a fun, caring, sexy human being who also has a thing for lollipops. Favorite flavor possibly cherry. Best match would be a Devin, Jayy, Dahvie, and Cam
Cody sure loves his blow pops
by Kyle Travers October 03, 2012
A man who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. he is very popular but likes to kiss underage high school girls. his hobbies include hooking up with the same girl over and over again, wrestling, participants in abstinence and heavy drinking. although he is popular he tends to push the girls away with his arrogance. this guy likes to party, with the consequence of being overwhelmed with whiskey dick. He has many friends but only one best friend, some would consider them to be brothers. He is going somewhere in life!
Cody likes to chill around high school girls
by Anthony smith September 07, 2012

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