A balding male who is lacking endowment, often nicknamed “Chody.”
Nate: What was your name again, was it Cody?
Jeff: Fuck you bitch ass nigga I ain't bout that life.
by Jarl Larl June 06, 2013
The biggest douche bag you will ever meet. his car is a piece of junk, even though he thinks it's the hottest thing ever. If you ever see a Cody, just walk up to him and punch him in the junk and scream "You Know Why!" . Cody has numerous problems, including a temper problem and bi-polar disorder. Cody is usually also abnormally short and talks more than a girl.
Cody: "Hey"
Everyone / Anyone: *junk punch*

Cody: "Why?"
Everyone / Anyone: "YOU KNOW WHY!"
by superswag April 26, 2012
A bad situation
Oi Ken bag, manor is cody
by Cgreggz May 09, 2011
A short hot boy..
Angie: Hey, aren't you going out with Cody.

Me: YAH!!!
by A sexy whore March 05, 2010
A Dick who never stops texting his girl when his friends are over
You see that cody over there? you mean the one on the phone?
by mac the evil June 24, 2011
Cody is a very lovable, sweet, caring, tough, thoughtful guy. He is one of those guys who isn't afraid to stick up for himself and his mates but he is also the biggest softy and sweetheart anyone could meet.

He is known to crack allot of jokes to make himself and his mates look gay but it's all out of fun ad he is very much straight, some Cody's are Bi. His closest mates are brothers and sisters to him, not just friends.

Cody's are mostly known as Mexican's.

Cody is a guy who EVERYONE can't help but love because he's such a cute Mexican.

He will always be a shoulder to cry on and always try to cheer someone up when they're sad.

He has an amazing personality and he is an all around great guy.

Cody likes to drink and smoke but loves his GOON!
Guy: Hey did you see that drunk kid?
Girl: Yeah that's Cody, you will never see him out on the weekends without his Goon.

Guy 1: Hey that kid looks Mexican!
Guy 2: Yeah he's a Cody.
by Cody's awesome Friend! December 26, 2011
Cody is a typical homosexual. He likes things that most homos would. Cody listens like a dog and answers to the name, "The Gay"
"Somebody get Cody."
"HEY, The Gay, go make me a sandwich!"
by GodOfAllPesants October 08, 2013

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