An attractive, funny, smart, talented, and just plain out amazing person. he's the best boyfriend anyone could ever hope for. loyal, totally committed to his relationship. goes well with girls by the name of Megan.
Girl: cody you're amazing
megan: he knows, I told him already
by guessguesscutiepie April 28, 2013
A Player that jumps from girl to girl. He plays football and basketball. He is funny and athletic, but is not truthworthy. The heartbreaker
Girl 1: "Cody has had 3 girlfriends so far this week."
Girl 2: "I know, it is so disgusting."
by ArtisticBeing7 March 07, 2015
The greatest man i have ever met in my life. He is extremely sexy and has the best personality. He has gorgeous blue eyes, a cute little butt, and can make you smile no matter how sad you may be. No one can compare to him and his wonderful ways. He is in posession of the key to my heart <3
Cody is sexy as hell. I just want to get him naked, as soon as possible.
by zaylarayex3 April 28, 2011
A very kind guy that will always be there for you. But he's got a lot of stuff to do, so don't be upset if he doesn't reply to your text. He is very strong, and stubborn at times, but is also kind of quiet. He may not say much in person but on the phone, the conversation will never end. He is such a gentleman and will never do anything to try and hurt you. He is the kind of guy that can keep your secrets. He always makes you smile with every word he says, and always says the sweetest, cutest things ever. If you have a Cody, don't let him go... You could never have a guy as great as Cody. You will fall in love at first sight. I know I did. And he always stands out in a crowd.
Isabella: " I like your eyes "
Cody: " thanks, but yours are so much more beautiful "

Isabella: " is something wrong. You haven't been texting me as much. "
Cody: " sorry I have just been really busy "

Girl A: " who is that, he's so cute "
Girl B : " oh, that's Cody "
by Cozyalltheway March 15, 2015
Cody - (Codee) 1 Essentially the God among mortals; contains a large cock and can twerk with the best of bitches. 2 A bitchy ginger kid with astigmatism.
1 "Bow down to thy Lord, bend knee to Cody!"
2 "Oh its Cody SHIT. Fuck that fag."
by GodofLords March 14, 2014
The name of a relatively attractive male who loves dirt biking and is a little red-neck if not a lot.
Look at Cody- hes cute and good at dirt biking!
by TheObservantServant September 27, 2013
A guy who is blissfully perfect the first time you meet him. You can talk to him for hours and hours. His smile is irresistable and kissable. Most likely he is a football player and incrediblely handsome in his own way. In the end, if you're not watching out he can turn from your everything to your enemy. One day is all it takes. Don't fall for a Cody. There's a chance he'll never love you back. You wont be able to get him out of your mind, but that's ok to him, mainly cuz he's just a Cody...
Girl 1: OMG!! I just danced with him!! Oh gawdd I love him!
Girl 2: Been there, done that! Watch out. He plays girls like a Cody.
by Always in my heart<3 January 19, 2012

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