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A short hot boy..
Angie: Hey, aren't you going out with Cody.

Me: YAH!!!
by A sexy whore March 05, 2010
32 28
Deffinatly a "get 'er done" kid. Hes a hell of a guy and once you get to know him hes the pop to your fuckin corn. Hes always in his own little fucking world. You will probably never find another guy like him, literally. He is bound to sweep you off your fuckin feet almost like someone taking a fuckin broom and tripping you. He is also bound to look sooo fucking hot in a fucking camoflage baseball hat. If someones pissin him off the first words to come out of his damn mouth are "cut the shit". Dont mess with cody! Whenever he has something on his mind he will damn well do it until its done. If his name is cody, then damn, Trucks and mud are what defines him perfectly! Hes a fuck the bullshit kind of guy.
by Priceeeeeee October 05, 2013
2 0
Awesome boyfriend, so sweet, so loveable, will do anything to try to make someone happy. Aly loves him to death <3 Heheheee, he will always be thar, Cutee <3 awesome, amazing. And your reallly luky if you know him,
OMG that cody is awesome.! <3
by Hum dum dum.. August 22, 2011
12 10
A guy who you have to love. He is so nice,kind and sweet. You don't want to lose a Cody. And they are really good kissers.
Cody is very cute.
by hellogirlll June 09, 2014
1 0
The name of a relatively attractive male who loves dirt biking and is a little red-neck if not a lot.
Look at Cody- hes cute and good at dirt biking!
by TheObservantServant September 27, 2013
1 0
Super awesome robot dude. Good friend. Fun to be around. Nerdy in the best way possible.
I miss you, K. Cody.
by Bobbi_Chi-Chi April 13, 2011
17 16
Cody - (Codee) 1 Essentially the God among mortals; contains a large cock and can twerk with the best of bitches. 2 A bitchy ginger kid with astigmatism.
1 "Bow down to thy Lord, bend knee to Cody!"
2 "Oh its Cody SHIT. Fuck that fag."
by GodofLords March 14, 2014
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