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A show originated in France. About 4 boarding students named Jeremie Belpois, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama, & Odd Della Robbia. They find an abandoned computer that sends them into a virtual world to fight off an AI named X.A.N.A. that wants to distroy all man kind. They must help their friend Aelita Schaeffer who is trapped in the virtual world named Lyoko.
Hey have you seen the show Code Lyoko?

Yeah! Awesome cartoon! Too bad Cartoon Network canceled it.
a cartoon show that orgenated in france but pplz watche it out her about 5 kids how find a abandon computer lab that sends them into a parallel dimintion called lyoko
code lyoko tower deactivaded

by ryl November 12, 2007
A cartoon that was origonally made in france. It has become somewhat obsolite in amarica. Many people believe it is a rip off of the matrix
Lets watch code lyoko
by roflcoptor September 18, 2007
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