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A jewish womens boobs
Dude shes has HUGE jewbs
by roflcoptor September 17, 2007
The reason the dinosuars went extinct. Widely believed to be the biggest land animal of all time
"RUN A chucknorrisuarisrex"!
by roflcoptor September 18, 2007
Derogitory term for the draeni in World of Warcraft and for the quarren in star wars.
I just pwned a squid head!
by roflcoptor September 18, 2007
An attack used my Mr.game&watch in Super smash brothers melee, In witch he flips suasages at you from a frying pan.
"Its time for....CHAOS SUASAGES!"
by roflcoptor September 18, 2007
A cartoon that was origonally made in france. It has become somewhat obsolite in amarica. Many people believe it is a rip off of the matrix
Lets watch code lyoko
by roflcoptor September 18, 2007

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