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A crazy cyber world that a few certin people believe to exist.
"Lyoko does to exist cus ive looked up x.a.n.a. and aelita and there real so Lyoko has to exist to"
by MrBrett August 24, 2004
1.My legal high
2.when attatched to the prefix Code, the best thing on Earth
3.I ish from there I think....
1.Oh my god, I'm so frikken depressed, I'm going to Lyoko for a few weeks.
2.I think I'll go watch Code Lyoko till my eyeballs bleed!!!
3.Lyoko is awesome, take it from me...
by I'm from the virtual world!!!! September 18, 2004
a virtual world in a cartoon like the matrix.
lets go to lyoko.
by ej jeric June 25, 2004
The crapiest cartoon to ever bomb the airwaves
Gah! Code Lyoko's teh gheyzor. Matrix ripoffs!!
by Warspyer June 22, 2005
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