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A party lacking vaginas. All sausage, no bun. A gathering of mostly males.
Octoberfest is known for a festival of sausages.

aka "Sausage Party" or "Weinerfest"
"This party is such a cocktoberfest, all sausage, no bun"
by Pete Za October 11, 2003
99 13
A party where men outnumber the women
John - Hey Tom, how was the party last night?
Tom - It sucked man, it was a fucking Cocktoberfest.
by Ryan_Palmer June 15, 2007
16 4
When two single girls move in together at the end of September and decide to get all the cock in October.
Damn, this month is sooooo going to be cocktoberfest. WE NEED ALL OF THE COCKS!
by jnco28 September 14, 2013
6 0