1. a male ranging from the age of 18 to 34 who is sexually attracted to much older women.
2. a young man who 'looks' for cougars, or nougars.
3. opposite of cougar for the male species.
4. Informal. a desperate male.
(Setting: at a local bar or club)
Jeff: Look at that girl!
Ruben: Who, the cougar?
Jeff: She's banging.
Ruben: She's like 50!
Jeff: I'd fu**er.
Ruben: You cockster!
by Rubenusf September 16, 2008
Top Definition
A Porsche Boxster, from the habits of their drivers, primarily cocks. Cockster owners are famous for being gigantic assholes to cover up for the fact that they couldn't afford a 911, but still want to be as snobby as one a 911 pilot.

Usually justifies his spending via a discussion of how raw power isn't important, it is the raw feel of a car, handling, etc. May make reference (rightfully so) to how the 911 is still putting its engine in the wrong place, but do not be fooled by his pseudointellectualism, no matter his justification, nobody will buy a Boxster if they can afford a 911.
That fucking Cockster cut me off!
by EnderVandensloane June 26, 2010
A man or a woman who acts exceedingly cocky for an unnecessary or unworthy reason. Although it is meant to be slightly insulting, it is more of a jesting comment.

Typically occurs during intense, alcohol based games such as beer pong.
Frat boy: "hell yeah I just made a cup in pong! I am so fucking awesome, no one's got shit on me...this game is already over."

Bystander: ", what a cockster..."
by jessly424 June 07, 2011
A person, usually a male, who has cocky mannerisms.
Please dump John - he is such a cockster! Can't stand why you are still hanging onto this loser.
by jumpie September 01, 2009
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