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The highest trim level available on a Mustang. (excluding Saleen, Roush, Steeda, etc.) The latest version of which, is capable of 390 HP... STOCK. The Cobra project began in 1993 with the first SVT (Special Vehicle Team) product being a fox body Mustang (five liter), which came stock with about 260 HP. In 1996, the 4.6 liter engine was debuted. The car made 305 horsepower. The cars stayed about the same, with mild performance gains until 2003, when the 'Terminator' was made available to the public.
The new Cobra has 390 HP, and 390 Ft. Lbs. of tourqe. Three 2003 Cobras make as much tourqe as nine Acura Integra Type R's.
by Bitchin Kitchen June 25, 2003
195 123
Refers to maryjuana that's smoked in Alaska. The term started as an inside joke, but now widely used as a reference to really really good weed.
"You got that Cobra?"
by Chief Cobra July 09, 2009
2 5
A male "Cougar" if you will. One who preys upon a much younger person of sexual interest.
Before you know it, that silly Cobra is gonna be buyin you a margarita.
by Dan K)) July 11, 2008
7 10
a cobra shaped marijuana pipe that hides easily and can be referred to rather casually. a favorite among professional cooks.
hey dude, got any cobra food? cobras gotta eat. Cobraaaa!
by cobracon November 01, 2007
6 9
A badass beautiful female who has it all.
Matt -"Damn did you see that girl?"

Dan -"Yeah she's a cobra you have no chance."
by crunkgee. July 13, 2009
2 6
A word used by a person who is drunk, to mean sober.
You're at the distinct advantage of being cobra!

You are too cobra, drink some more.
by Cobratalia November 04, 2007
9 14
a relatively large black man in top physical condition with a substantial amount of money; king of the jungle; impervious to the female gender except under the circumstances of out of state females; known for his sexual luster & his sly stealthy ability to escape any love palace at any means necessary including jumping out of windows; is of human origin but renders a huge elephant dick- the elephant dick makes them hoes sick; mating call can be heard throughout all 50 states
1: yeah, i fucked this bitch
2: nice, wheres she from
1: Milwaukee, wisconsin
2: how'd ya do that when you live in jersey?
1: easy, i cobra'd her
by jonny2277 January 17, 2011
4 10
a brand of sun glasses worn by state troopers and emo kids.
Greg was all buisness, dressed in his finest leathers and sporting a pair of cobras.
by The Midnight Cowboy May 16, 2005
2 9