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A friend who sits shotgun and helps you watch for cops, rolls joints and flags down bitches when you're out cruizin the strip.
I need a co-pilot for this trip.
by Bomni February 08, 2005
the act of two indivuduals venturing into two adjacent stalls in a bathroom to simultaneously deposit fecal matter in sync, and also discuss with each other the matters of life.
While co-piloting Matthew and Thomas were able to express their feelings regarding their views on the condition of each others bathroom stall.
by MTAHTOTMHAESW February 18, 2009
When a passenger holds the wheel for a driver while he is lighting a bowl, bong, bubbler, joint, or any other smoking apparatus usually for marijuana
Yo bro want to co pilot for a second while i spark this bowl
by Admiral_Ackbar November 09, 2008
an amphetamine tablet
I don't need a copilot to carry in my luggage just because I didn't get much sleep.
by The Return of Light Joker July 27, 2010
similar to wingmen, when two guys go to a bar and they help each other hook up with desirable girls. In biology this would be similar to a mutualistic relationship in which both organism benefit each other.
Steve and Tom are going to a bar but they are copilots instead of wing men so neither of them will have to flirt with a fat chick to help the other hook up with her hot friend.
by sarge3562 August 03, 2008
When you are peacefully taking a shit in a public or workplace bathroom with a row of stalls and someone comes in and takes the stall right next to you.
Zach was droppin a duece at work, reflecting on his day, when Jeff came in and copiloted him.
by yerboy319 April 06, 2011
A co-pilot is a buddy who you would take with you while on the prowl for chicks. Co-pilots are generally the substitute for a wingman when one is not available. A common use for a co-pilot is to distract her friends while you make your move. However, a co-pilot can't be granted the same level of trust as a wingman, in the sense that they are usually rookies and have yet to earn their wings. Therfore, co-pilots are a last resort.
Guy 1 - "hey man, I need a wingman for tongiht. You in?"

Guy 2 - "Sorry dude, I have to work early in the morning. Why don't you get your little bro to co-pilot you?
by outforsomeair April 09, 2010