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To a person from central America it usually means, Fucken Shit! Or Fucken dammit.
Spanish: Coño carajo, se me olvido apagar los frijoles de la estufa.

English: Fucken Dammit, I forgot to turn off the beans from the stove.
by joshwua915 October 11, 2011
this is the spanish version of "butterface."

it implies that when a person sees someone with a great body their first reaction is to exclaim "coño!" (damn!) but the second later when they see their ugly face, they'll exclaim "carajo!" (shit!)
- *checking out a real hot body* "coño!!"
*sees face* "ay! carajo!"

- que lastima que es un coño carajo!
by sofloboricua December 18, 2009
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