An adjective used to describe any positive or negative quality, reaction, or emotion.
That hat you are wearing is so clusty. Where did you get it?

I can't go to the movie. I just threw up something clusty.

I feel downright clusty.
by January 13, 2012
Top Definition
A term created Professor Stewart E. Keller to define anything that exists. It is mostly used in the place of an adjective.
"That girl looks so clusty with her red dress"
"You should have seen the look on her clusty"
by Professor Stewart E. Keller December 01, 2011
When you go to take a shit and you shit out a bunch of tiny little pellet shits.
Dude I just went to the bathroom to go take a shit and i just had clusty so bad.
by bboychen May 07, 2011

An internet based search engine which is often promoted by computer experts for its speed, reliability, and level of service. While it is not necessarily as graphically attractive as some of the other search engines, it performs its job much better though this can be argued than most search engines currently in existence.

To simplify, the difference between Clusty and <random search engine> is the same as the difference between Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Nuff said.
"As opposed to Goggle, Clusty has no cookies which expire after 35 years."
by Walex December 01, 2004
*rapes a goat*


google is clusty's whore, and google sucks clusty's hairy, stinky, 6 month old penis.
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