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4 definitions by iamallaboutfun.blogspot.com

problem, obsession, or thing
What's your deal?

What's the deal with vampires?

So, this is your deal, huh?
by iamallaboutfun.blogspot.com April 20, 2012
Contraction form of 'it would' used to express speculative desire.
It'd be nice to have an intelligible conversation with him; it's just too bad he's an idiot.
by iamallaboutfun.blogspot.com February 06, 2012
A person that you see in their car who looks deceivingly hot. Only upon closer inspection or when they exit their vehicle do you notice they are not as hot as they first appeared.
I was checking out this blond chick in the BMW, but when she pulled up next to me at the stoplight, I could tell she was just a car hottie.
by iamallaboutfun.blogspot.com February 06, 2012
An adjective used to describe any positive or negative quality, reaction, or emotion.
That hat you are wearing is so clusty. Where did you get it?

I can't go to the movie. I just threw up something clusty.

I feel downright clusty.
by iamallaboutfun.blogspot.com January 13, 2012