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It is also sometimes referred to as C-Walk.
C-Walk can be either Clown Walk, Crip Walk, or Crown Walk.
Yes, they are different.
Clown Walk includes the "V" move, and its variatons, heeltoes, and the shuffle.
Clown Walking does take a greater amount of skill then Crip Walking or Crown Walking.
Noob c-walker: How do I combine all my moves to make my c-walking look better?

Special Access Member: Well, sometimes, it just takes time to come up with your own moves and always practice to make your c-walking better.

Remember c-walking in this case is referring to the clown walk.
by Max Something January 08, 2008
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Clown walking, A dance that came from the original "Crip Walk" a gangwalk that the crips use after killing someone. The difference is big, because crip walking is considered a ritual, rather then a dance. Clown walk looks alot more flashier, has heeltoes and Variations to V's. Some people can get it confused . Most people refer clown walk to be "C-Walk" On the other hand some people will also think it might be CripWalk.
Look at him Clown Walk, He's Good.

Kay guyss we killed him, crip walkk witt me.
by Fayzsz June 14, 2008
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The clown walk is based on the Crip walk but is much faster and more intricate. Unlike the Crip walk, it is strictly a dance. It is done by people who do not want to be mistaken for Crips, and it has different styles and moves. Other names include the "krypt walk", "clownin'", "cwalkin" with no capital c, "crown walk".
There are some moves in the clown walk that look like Crip walk moves, but it is strictly a dance.
by skrudge January 01, 2008
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A gay version of the c walk usually done by wannabes and its way to bouncy and all over the place
"the nigga been clown walkin that aint c walk ii"
by tRIPx October 12, 2007
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