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2 definitions by Fayzsz

Clown walking, A dance that came from the original "Crip Walk" a gangwalk that the crips use after killing someone. The difference is big, because crip walking is considered a ritual, rather then a dance. Clown walk looks alot more flashier, has heeltoes and Variations to V's. Some people can get it confused . Most people refer clown walk to be "C-Walk" On the other hand some people will also think it might be CripWalk.
Look at him Clown Walk, He's Good.

Kay guyss we killed him, crip walkk witt me.
by Fayzsz June 14, 2008
One of the ClownWalk Moves. It starts with ur right foot on heels and left foot on toes facing the left in a diaginal. Then a slide to the left until its facing the right diagonally. switching legs and redoing it except in different directions.
Look at that guy Clown Walk, His heeltoe is fast.
by Fayzsz June 14, 2008