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A high potency strain of marijuana named after kryptonite because of its neon green color.
Kryptonite kills superman, and krypt bud puts down even the most experienced smokers.
by Jeff October 29, 2003
Any pretentious person whom denotes a distinct air of pseudo intellectual and fallacious nonsense through ceaseless repetition of deploration upon others actions--chiefly because they truly believe they are the pinnacle of human evolution.
"Jesus christ, that fellow is such a damned krypt. It seems he only takes pride in insulting other people about how lesser they are than him--not to mention his pseudo intellectual crap."

"Many computer programmers tend to be krypts."
by Ryou Concord November 26, 2008
Defined by being extremely high and drunk at the same time; someone who is fucked up beyond all belief.
Holy fuck bro I was mad krypt last night.

I just crushed a couple brewskies and smoked a bowl. I'm fucking krypt.
by ill Nugget May 01, 2010
A San Luis Obispo bro-ism meaning whatever the fuck you want it to mean.
Lincoln Market is the Kryptist deli.

I'm totally Kryptfaced right now.

I'm not a hipster, I'm a kryptster.
by His Kryptness September 03, 2006
Krypt is a great powerfull beaing!
by Krypt May 04, 2003
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