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To have strong influcence and have the respect of peers.swag
The ability to set trends
The way one carries him/herself
Jay-Z has crazy clout, he single handedly killed autotune
by tl_clark August 18, 2009
it means crazy respect, u strike fear in the hearts of scurubs

Lil Zoe has 97.6% of clout, he gets mad respect
by lil zoe June 05, 2003
Influence or power in political and community circles. Originally popularized by Chicago journalist Mike Royko to describe local movers and shakers when Richard J. Daley was mayor in the Sixties and early Seventies. Usage spread nationally.
"Go get next to the alderman. He has the clout to get you that city contract, but you better be able to convince him what's in it for him."
by Jaded1 June 12, 2009
Possibly deriving from cloths or clothes, clouts refer to a woman's pants, knickers or undergarments, particularly the baggy Bridget Jones type.
Her clouts were so big you could have used them as a two man pup-tent.
by Croatalin October 27, 2013
Swag, dope as hell. Synonyms include best, awesome, sweet, and sick.
Michael and Adam have haters tripping on their clout. Michael and Adam's clout is sick, sweet, awesome, and the best.
by adammicheal October 21, 2011
where the "pishflaps" are found
i would say she had a clout like a glove, but you can only get 5 fingers in a glove
by pax September 15, 2003
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