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old slang for "the best of friends".
My girl and I are clout status!
by poisonivyxx July 01, 2011
where the "pishflaps" are found
i would say she had a clout like a glove, but you can only get 5 fingers in a glove
by pax September 15, 2003
a term to describe the woman's naughty bits
wow, i've never seen a clout like that before
by Lara19 July 27, 2007
Often used in Derbyshire meaning a womans vagina.

Frigginell she had a clout like a battered otter.
by BridgetJones September 08, 2006
A very powerful hit.
Leroy still had a black eye from the clout he received from Dennis, the school's resident bully.

Because Tampa Bay won so easily, Durazo's second-inning clout went forgotten by both of the stadium's Devil Ray fans.
by Diggity Monkeez March 29, 2005
In essence a back-handed slap, apart from it's usually done on the upper back area. However, there are variations, such as the drawbridge clout, the blade and the dictator clout. Usually causes extreme pain in the victim (and sometimes the attacker, if the victim's spine is big enough).
- I just drawbridged clouted Adderley! He hated it.
- Yo dawg, I'm goan clout yo ass!
- Argh, you bastard! Arhhhhh!
by Jamie Freeman February 27, 2008
North Eastern term

1. Clout - To hit someone

2. Clip clout/Dish clout - A piece of cloth or rag

3. Can also be used to describe someone who is stupid
1. "I got clouted by that guy"

2. "Pass me the dish clout to dry the pots"

3. "That fool bought my hat for £300, what a clout"
by Ezzer August 03, 2007