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A form of vaporn where one takes a well timed exhalation selfie from an electronic cigarette with the purpose of covering only the face with a dense cloud.
"Check out the sweet clouding pic I just took with a single coil 0.4 ohm Immortalizer and brass Nemesis, vaping on 63's Boston Massacre. #clouding #vaporn #tootlyfe"
by VapeDaddy February 04, 2014
getting high or "flying"
are we clouding this weekend?
nah i got no cash
ill pay
by yahtrick October 14, 2008
Accessing your cloud on the internet. (Working on cloud computing)

The act of adding/removing files or programs from your online "cloud"
A: "Hey, I see youre working on your laptop, are you surfing the internet?"

B: "No, actually im clouding. I just wanted to add some cool new softwares to my online data storage"
by karmcy February 09, 2011
A word meaning to sweat at your armpits making sweat stains.
Carole: oh shit guys I'm clouding!
by bambi331 June 30, 2011