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A form of vaporn where one takes a well timed exhalation selfie from an electronic cigarette with the purpose of covering only the face with a dense cloud.
"Check out the sweet clouding pic I just took with a single coil 0.4 ohm Immortalizer and brass Nemesis, vaping on 63's Boston Massacre. #clouding #vaporn #tootlyfe"
by VapeDaddy February 04, 2014
the act of running up the middle of the map in CoD with the bomb and then dying. Don't worry though because your team is probably going clutch and still winning with your questionable tactics.
"Man I was clouding so well on Warhawk yesterday."
by Clouding October 30, 2014
Accessing your cloud on the internet. (Working on cloud computing)

The act of adding/removing files or programs from your online "cloud"
A: "Hey, I see youre working on your laptop, are you surfing the internet?"

B: "No, actually im clouding. I just wanted to add some cool new softwares to my online data storage"
by karmcy February 09, 2011
A word meaning to sweat at your armpits making sweat stains.
Carole: oh shit guys I'm clouding!
by bambi331 June 30, 2011
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