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haters, full of hate, procrastinator, , those who pass judgement, people who tell lies, A person that is sneaky, Someone up to no good, full of shit, some who is considered a bull shitter, Some who is considered fake
That dude is clouded, dont believe what he says; Trust me..my word is good..i'm never clouded; You're clouded fam, stop hating on everybody; You gotta watch out for the girls that's clouded;
by aceprimo October 21, 2011
The meaning describes your creativity, originality, and expressiveness. It's to be imaginative and to have a different out look on the world than everybody else. Always staying humble and remembering where you came from.
That artist is tilted; Stay tilted and never let anybody stop your progression; Its important to stay tilted in life in order to stand out from the rest; Always stay tilted and never forget where you came from; I love a girl that's tilted; Stay tilted; Tilt your life
by aceprimo December 07, 2011
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