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To loop your cock into your own asshole
I'm not coming out tonight i'm gonna cloop instead
by cann0nfodder April 13, 2011
10 3
An extremely uncommon STD contracted solely by homosexual men with exponentially large African-American cocks.

Common symptoms of cloop include, but are not limited to;

- Memory loss

- Explosive diarrhea

- Itch/Rash inside of the meatus

- Bloody urine
I feel bad for Kurt, he was recently diagnosed with the cloop.. poor nigger..
by Big Black Coks February 18, 2010
52 10
a gap in between one's teeth
Yo, that cloop of yours could fit three quarters, dawg.
by Micah Freedman May 27, 2005
52 21
Cloop- a mixture of cum, blood, and poop. Cloop often has a distinctly strong odor.
ex: "It smells like cloop in here! We're you two fking?"
"That punks cell smells like cloop!"
"His breath smelled like cloop!"
by mystic24 December 09, 2013
2 0
The act of of pooping in a club or fancy bar
I hope the line for the bathroom isnt long at Pure, I really need to cloop.
by PrettyKitty13 April 20, 2009
3 1
The name for fecile discharge that almost always clogs and/or breaks toilets. Consumption of a Chipotle burrito will sometimes lead to clooping.
"Umm Dad. I accidentally clooped in the new toilet."
"Damnit son."
by Bertha Jones April 03, 2009
7 6
Cloop = Claire + Poop.
cloop and i went to the store
by garth December 19, 2004
19 18