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A person who's gone beyond the point of crazy and has finally flipped out.

Derives it's origins from the crazies who have taken a rifle to the top of a clock tower, presumably because the ticking of a giant clock is soothing to some people.
"Whoa man, did you hear that Mickey went nuts and panched that guy for dinging his car?"

"Yeah, I always thought he was a total Clocktower."


"If I don't make some friends soon, I'm gonna go Clocktower."
by Mr Fisty June 18, 2006
Someone who has passed the tipping point and is now homicidal.
Glick's going to totally go Clocktower when he finds out that he's not getting hired back. What a retard.
by Legion Coleke June 27, 2009
Leicester landmark, was once the pride of the city center, and is not the most scummy, shithead infested cesspit possible due to all of the wannabe wankers who decide to sit and look stupid there every single saturday.
Idiot 1: dude like are u coming clock tower
Idiot 2: yeh let me put on my HIM teeshirt and trivium hoody and mcr sweatband and slipknot shoes and funeral for a friend hat and sign off myspace
Idiot 1: dude i luv ur style ur so unique
by beepopeep January 07, 2007
A nickname for a kid whose actually named blake.
This kid must be tall-6' is preferred
His main purpose in life is to grab books from shelfs
And tell time exactly
He must also tell very very very random stories

And find 5 dollars
Hey clocktower! Whats the time?

Wanna quickie clocktower??
by sparky winsor May 09, 2005
an ugly person who looks like a mix between Paul Bearer, Missy Elliot, and Shrek
turn up "get your freak on" and get a look at this fuckin clock tower
by Harry Peritesties April 04, 2006

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