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Examples: Selling drugs or other illegal materials, pimping whores, and any other way of making money illegally.
Gangster #1: Damn Quincy, where are you going at 5 in the morning?

Gangster #2: You know I sell anything for profit, so I'll be on the corner clockin.
by Allen Schmidt July 16, 2005
To check-out or watch something.
Man I be clockin' da hoes at duh club. Hoping to get up n'im tonight yo.
by cardopolis July 07, 2005
Hustlin'. Selling weed, sneakers, woman, what ever as long as its a hustle.
I be clockin' on the corner.
by J-lizzle June 20, 2005
Primarily selling crack cocaine, because a crack dealer is constantly busy feeding crack fiends who need a hit as often as possible. therefore the person is clocking all day out on the block hustlin that dope. cuz the fiends never rest.
Wake up in the morning i hit the block and clock till i drop, hit my house reload and in no time im clockin again.
by braddock1985 February 19, 2008
Trappin or other types of hustlin. Used in the south. 4 those who aint 4rm the A trappin means selling drugs.
4rm the song boyz n da hood:

them boyz in da hood'll sell anything 4 profit/5 in the mornin, on the corner clockin
by nikkipooh_thatgapeach September 01, 2005
Verb-To take a long ,usually nauseating, shit and work on something in the process.
Bill: Peter, whats happening, im going to need you to fill out these TPS reports.
Peter: Hang on i have to take a dump.
Bill: I need these now Peter.
Peter:Well give them to me and ill go clock-in in the bathroom.
by Napples September 21, 2009
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