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To check-out or watch something.
Man I be clockin' da hoes at duh club. Hoping to get up n'im tonight yo.
by cardopolis July 07, 2005
Urban slang to express that you don't have any of a particular item. You don't even have close to one of the items in question.
Teacher: Lamont, you got a pencil?
Lamont: No mam, I ain't got nair-one.
by cardopolis July 07, 2005
urban slang for ambidextrious
Man, I can punch wiff my lefts an my rights. I'm amphibious
by cardopolis July 07, 2005
(n) referring to someone's face
She was all up in my grill.
She got a nice body but a wack grill.
by cardopolis July 07, 2005
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