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Being stopped from leaving work by your superior in the company who picks the last minutes of the day to stop and talk to you.

(v) Its 4:59 pm and your about to finish work for the day just then the phone rings it’s your boss who wants to talk to you for a "few minutes" your boss is "clockblocking".
Dude, just as I was leaving from work my boss called and kept me on the phone for forty-five minutes..he is always clockblocking me.
by TheRealMcCoy August 03, 2009
When you have a watch and don't tell someone the time when they really want to know for no reason what so ever.
Andrew: Hey Jake, what time is it?

Jake: (has a watch) I have no idea...sorry

Andrew: Come on man don't be clockblocking me
by Boof Casper August 18, 2011