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When you're looking forward to leaving work early or on time, but are kept late either by a new assignment from your boss or a chatty coworker.
I was all set to rush out of work at 5:00, but then I got totally clockblocked by my boss and wound up staying till almost 7.
by Ben Frey April 07, 2006
Some schools have a time policy for professors which allows students to leave if the instructor does not arrive after a given amount of time. Clock Blocking is when a professor arrives just before this time expires.
It was 11:14 and we were so close to having class cancelled when Dr. Jones walked in and totaly clock blocked us.
by DJ Walt April 23, 2009
When you're having a sexual dream and it's interrupted by your alarm clock.
I was about to screw this chick in my sleep at 7:59 and at 8, I got a clockbock. The alarm fuckin clockblocked me. Dirty bastard.
by Anthony-RJ August 27, 2008
when you had the opportunity to get lucky, but are not permitted to due to time constraints
Dude, I so could have gotten laid last night, but I got Clock Blocked and had no time to make a move since the bar was closing in 5 minutes
by DGarrett February 15, 2010
When you are having a dream involving intense sexual content, when all of the sudden your alarm clock goes off and you wake up in the middle of it.
I was banging Meagan Fox in my dream last night, but i was totally clock blocked when my alarm clock went off as I was about to get a blow job.
by redcard101 February 07, 2012
When your alarm clock goes off at the wrong time, preventing you from sleeping in.
Jane: "I forgot to reset my clock last night for daylight saving's time, and my alarm went off an hour early. There goes my beauty sleep."

John: "You, my friend, have been clock-blocked."
by MoreMagic March 07, 2008
A clock block is a customer or co-worker that asks you a question or distracts you right as you are about to clock off for the day.
"Hey I thought you already left."
"Yeah, some clock block asked me if we had any more 1 liter Diet Coke in the back."
by QFswagger January 08, 2012
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