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a person that is afraid or does not want to do something hard or difficult. some one that takes the easy way out.
that guy was such a clem for not fighting that guy. he just clemmed out and went home
by ramen man September 27, 2011
12 36
a) a piece of work, more often than not found creating mischief of sorts
I can't believe you just ashed your cigarette on my carpet. You're a real Clem, sometimes.
by jcdeneve April 12, 2011
14 42
the act of forced anal penetration, usually dealt with a peeled banana
Jessy took a big bite out of her shit-covered banana after getting clemmed.
34 63
Abbreviation of clementine
Give me some clem Ella
I've got two clem today
by Clemland January 14, 2011
15 46