A Northern Irish term. A cleft is essentially a yuppie arsehole, or trustfund hipster. Activities indulged in by the cleft, including the purchase of luxury cars, male grooming products and Warhol prints, may be referred to as clefty.
Christ, is that a cashmere iPod cosie? You utter cleft.
by dbspin1 November 30, 2007
short for 'clear left'. In countries that drive on the left side of the road, it is what the passenger (who is sitting in the shotgun seat on the left side of the car) says to a the driver to indicate the way in clear from the left and its safe to procede,
Driver " how are we looking?"
Passenger "cleft!"
by Kraken November 24, 2006
a straight up skank, someone who gives up sex very easily.
"Most of the people down on colfax are clefts... but thats nice when you need some lovin and only gots 5 dolla"
by ikilledkenny21x August 13, 2006
somethings very tight or close together.
"Janice" has a very cleft asshole, it reminds me of a 5 year olds
by clowwwww June 25, 2007
cleft is term used when not understanding, or to interuppt when you dont know whats going on!
*guy dances around with many many turkeys under arms*
You would reply with "cleft"?
by Turkey Man March 29, 2004

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