Someone who lacks a chin. Their chin is either non-existent and their mouth leads straight to their neck or there is a slight dent with evidence of a shrunken or growing chin.
Yo, don't stand too close to Cleft or you'll catch the disease and your chin will fall off
by Nast-A September 28, 2010
Top Definition
A crevice in the body. (or valley if you will)
Oh i'd like to see her cleft!
by Barry Neilson January 21, 2004
Used in biology and engineering to describe a divide, it is also a vernacular expression describing lady parts. See wedge and flange, among other carpentry terms. Popularised by the character Jeff in the BBC TV Series "Coupling"
You don't understand a word I'm saying do you? I've always wanted to do this.... Gusset. Breasts, thighs, cleft
by Dijital-JB October 24, 2005
The Cresent Shaped Thumb, fore-finger and middle finger motion used in bedroom foreplay.
I clefted that silly Bindt / Raise the cleft signal to the sky Zelmen
by BruceGmarquesII September 15, 2010
The point where the shaft of the male penis meets the testicals for the first time.
Ouch! The tennis ball hit me right in the cleft!
by GallonChallengeFail August 09, 2009
When one's boxers, shorts, or underwear rides up on you. There are three types of the cleft, a left cleft, a right cleft, and a middle cleft (the worst). A left and a right cleft is where your boxers pull up to either side or you testicle sac, and a middle cleft is where the seam in the boxers that splits the legs rides up on you up the middle seeming to almost split you sac.
Man, I have a bad left cleft
by Project Green Leaf June 02, 2006
A Northern Irish term. A cleft is essentially a yuppie arsehole, or trustfund hipster. Activities indulged in by the cleft, including the purchase of luxury cars, male grooming products and Warhol prints, may be referred to as clefty.
Christ, is that a cashmere iPod cosie? You utter cleft.
by dbspin1 November 30, 2007
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