Top Definition
1. Shoes

2. Verb: Running, usually away from something.

3. Sports shoes, used in soccer
1. Yo, you done messed up my cleets!

2. Man i was cleets when i saw that rotweiler coming at me.

3. Cleets are required to participate in todays game.
by Lazarus Vector September 13, 2011
a one who shall get fucked up the anus after a night of drinking in the hottub
Jamie: i got cleeted last night by this really hott guy.
by veronica and Jimmy October 13, 2006
cyber althlete Amateur League AKA CAL is a league for competitive gamers.

cleet stand for cal leet (cal being the league) and (leet) being gewd
dood i was pubbing in this css server and this fucking cleet kid walked in the server and aced 15 kids with a usp only
by i-kno-the-g-spot-:) July 16, 2006
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