A magical liquid use to get eyes that are really red to be clear again.
Damn how much you be smoking cause your eyes are bloodshot, I think you need some clear eyes.
by Visual September 03, 2003
Top Definition
God's gift to stoners, delivered to us by Ben Stein. It gets the red out, so people think you're sober, but your friends know better! Also comes in small, easy-to-shoplift packaging so you can save some extra money for more hydro.
I tell people that the reason I keep Clear Eyes around is because typing essays on the computer irritates my eyes.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 02, 2004
A stoner's best friend. Gets eyes clear in minutes no matter how blasted they may be. Also a great thing to carry to school because you can say wind irritates your eyes or something nonchalant like that.
I carry Clear Eyes with my 24/7, you never know who'll smoke you out and when.
by TFS September 21, 2005
when you are about 2 cum in the girl and you take your dick out of the hole. you then spit on her back so she thinks you cummed all over her and when she turns around you cum in her eye
i clear eyed kate and made her go blind
by mast sucks May 26, 2007
Once a man dumps his load wherever he pleases, he grabs the woman, opens her eye up and deposits his last droplets of semen into her pupil thus putting drops in her eye.
P: Last night Mary and I smoked a bowl and banged. Afterwards I came on her face, I gave her clear eyes.

H: You said you were out.

P: I know, I deposited my last drops of cum in her eyes.

H: Shibby!
by sensimillia August 07, 2009
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