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5 definitions by sensimillia

A sex move; while a male and female are engaged in sexual intercourse, 5-8 other males are hiding under the bed, masturbating. At the appropriate time, the men jump out of hiding and ejaculate on the woman, washing her in semen.
-I tried to get her to do a Kansas City carwash for 50 bucks, but she wanted 75.
by sensimillia August 13, 2008
A nickname for a large and or powerful penis. The phallus is known as the "thunderstick." The semen is known as "lightning" or "rain." After having intercourse with a thunderstick, the female has been "thunderstruck."
Girl A- So Preston got tanked at the party and got naked. His penis is rather large and rather thick. I think it qualifies as a thunderstick.
Girl B- Nice! I hope i get struck by lightning!

Man A- Dude, I make it rain on dem hoes with my thunderstick.

Boy A- Yeah i boinked her last night. She's been thunderstruck.
Boy B- Shizzle
by sensimillia August 13, 2008
A sexual bandit, not unlike Glenn Quagmire from "Family Guy." A skeet skeet bandit is known for his desire to hook up with females, skeet i.e. ejaculate on them, and then disappear.
-Yo herbs, whatd u do last night?
-Mayne i knutted on this hoes face, then took off.
-The skeet skeet bandit strikes again.
by sensimillia August 13, 2008
Someone that is both a bastard and a retard.
-Wow that manager was a total douche.
-Yeah i know. What a basatard.
by sensimillia August 13, 2008
Once a man dumps his load wherever he pleases, he grabs the woman, opens her eye up and deposits his last droplets of semen into her pupil thus putting drops in her eye.
P: Last night Mary and I smoked a bowl and banged. Afterwards I came on her face, I gave her clear eyes.

H: You said you were out.

P: I know, I deposited my last drops of cum in her eyes.

H: Shibby!
by sensimillia August 07, 2009