As we all know after listening to Classical Music, Classic means crap which is a perfect description for this filth.

Classic Rock is a desolate tract of ogerish yobs pluking metal strings attached to blocks of wood and bashing trashcans with sticks while a very feminine castrated man that all sound like Robert 'I hate girls' Plant screams "Whole Lotta Love" and not one mention of smacking ya bitch or pimpin' ya ride is heard.

Go on and search for Led Zeppelin and look at the Biography. They invented Metal which everybody hates and they stole all their riffs from other non-rap therefore crap artists. I haven't heard them but anyone that has to steal their music must be totally talentless because rock requires no talent to begin with unlike rap.

Listen to P.Diddy's 'Come With Me'. It has pretty corny lyircs but the beat is incredible and is better than anything Led Zeppelin could steal.

Rap was orginated by black artists unlike rock which Elvis created. Because we are better than you rap is far superior. If you disagree you are a racist and a neo-nazi KKK motherfucker!

My dad made me listen to 'Dark Side of the Moon' by Stink Floud and it only swore once! What a piece of crap! It is no masterpieve like 'Beg for Mercy' I can tell you.

I urge all you are old people living in the past to grow up. Times are changing, get with it, just the revolution. Music is finally good and you're still stuck in the 70s when it sucked!
If you listen to the music carefully, you'll notice, yes it is true, NONE of it is computer generated. It's all guitar crap! Who wants to hear a Satan worshipping drug addict scream about 'I WANT MA DRUGGGSSSS, GIMMMEEEE MYYY DRRUGGGSSS!'
by Real Gangsta in da House July 11, 2005
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The Best musical genre of all. Other types of Rock & Roll are alright, but this is the best!
led zeppelin, guns n' roses, yeah, yeah, we know, WHAT ABOUT QUEEN, YOU PRICKS!!
by Rampant Teamkiller July 04, 2004
only type of music that is the dialogue and the stage direction of an entire generation
Classic rock is what makes bad bands of today look really bad
by klass-ic rok October 28, 2003
Classic Rock is undoubtedly one of the greatest genres of music this planet has ever seen. Classic Rock includes:
Cream, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, KISS, New York Dolls, Aerosmith, Queen, Sammy Hagar, Montrose and Ted Nugent. It does not- I repeat- does NOT include Mötley Crüe, Guns N' Roses or Metallica as some of these ass holes seem to think.
Stupid fuck: Dude, stop listening to that shit and listen to some Classic Rock like Metallica!
(I, then, beat SF's face in with a Queen record)
Me: No, dipshit, THAT'S classic rock.
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 24, 2005
one of the greatest generes of music out there, composed of a very talented band and unblieveable lyircs
led zeppelin, pink floyd, elp, dire straits, zz top, the doors, black sabbath, kansas, deep purple
by unknown July 29, 2003
Simply the best music genre ever
Wow, classic
by cereal April 12, 2005
What revolutionized the music world. What nu-metal will never live up to.
Classic rock forever!
by rock fan March 31, 2003

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