A silly sub-"genre" of music created by radio. Unfortunately, the radio format does not live up to its name, as most of these classic rock stations play music by bands that are more "dated" than "classic". Also, most classic rock stations neglect to play classic punk or classic metal, opting to play pop rock and hair metal bands, that, as mentioned above, are more dated than classic. Unfortunately, listening to classic rock radio is somewhat of a neccesary evil in order to get acquainted with some of the timeless bands that have sprung out of rock's past. However, as illustrated in the example, it is hard at first for an ear that is mainly weaned on MTV commercial bands to distinguish the difference between dated and classic, as many dated bands have the same instant appeal as today's mainstream bands have as well.
Classic rock noob: I love Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, Styx, and Pink Floyd!

Seasoned rock veteran: Be very glad I do not have a good memory.

Classic rock noob: What's wrong with Motley Crue and Styx? They have guitar solos!

Seasoned rock veteran: *sigh*


No longer classic rock noob: I love Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, The Stooges, Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd!

Seasoned rock veteran: Now that's more like it! You still listen to classic rock radio?

No longer classic rock noob: Nah, they play too many shit bands like Poison and Bon Jovi! I use the Internet now to find and listen to bands.

Classic rock fanboys, there is no reason not to expand and improve your musical tastes in this day and age. Quit being so closed minded.

by topraman517 June 13, 2007
An umbrela term for a large aray of guitar-driven music; much of the music falling under the term come from vastly different time periods and much of it have very little in common. This allows groups such as the Sex Pistols and The Beatles to be held in the same context. An example of confusion this term perpetrates is that Steely Dan and Boston are the same genre. This sort of confusion continues into infinity. Any guitar-led band from 1965 to 1989 has probably been considered "classic rock" on a few occasions.
Joseph: "Say, Mel, I hear the kids are calling Guns 'n' Roses 'classic rock' these days."

Melatrophine: "They call Bob Dylan and Neil Young 'classic rock,' too.

Joseph: "I must say, thay makes no sence at all."
by KunteKinte March 24, 2008
The best music genre. Beats rap crap, emo, punk, ya you get the idea. Classic rock will always be the #1 music genre.

Classic rock is...

Led Zeppelin


The Beatles

Pink Floyd

Lynyrd Skynyrd


noob: yo u listen to punk rock or rap?

smart person: no those music genres suck classic rock pwns all...

noob: whatever rap and punk rulez

smart person: wow i feel sorry for u...(kicks noob in the nuts)
by BL1NX August 05, 2007
classic rock is a genera of music from 1950's to 1970's. it is NOT gay 80's hair bands with stupid followers who dont even know a single alblum by their band of choice. my favorite band is Pink Flyod for their trulely revolutionary sounds. im 13 and like clasic rock cus every song is diferent & not about sex,drugs(rapers just sing about drtgs, & dont do them), and cutting in every song. also their is enough good clasic rock 2 have 1500+ songs on my iPod (not obsessed w/ vinyl).
note: i wrote this on my PSP so excuse spelling...
and gangsta dude...ur what i call an idiot
black guy- rap owns classic rock
me- eirik(yes its EIRIK) ur an oreo! his mom is white
by trottingtree August 12, 2006
A sub-genre of Rock & Roll. Classic Rock is roudy and sexual enough to be Rock & Roll, yet retains much blues inluence and song structure. (Rock was pretty much created from Blues.)
Classic rock was popular throughout the '60s and '70s and then mostly dissappeared in the '80s; replaced with Hair Metal, for some reason which I've yet to understand, as Hair Metal is simply awful.

All of Rock's best guitarists are Classic Rockers. (Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour, etc. etc.)
I used to listen to the stuff you hear on the radio, but my dad introduced me to some awesome old Classic Rock bands.
by spantheman July 20, 2008
good music basiccally the beginning of pushing the limit
real gangsta get your shit right ever heard of chuck berry or the blues thats what rock came from you douche lots of things in zepplin are blues influenced open your eyes every thing in rap is generated by someone else that cut and crap they need to learn to lay a reall instrument yeah somes good but you sound like a misinformed idiot that thinks whoever gets the most show time is really a better artist no its becausethere generic oh yeah another thing hendrix they dont allscream most actually sing unlike some rapping have you heard walk this way Aerosmith or jefferson airplane
oh i am mexican so obviously not kkk dumb ass
learn your shit before you start talking led zepplin acdc cream all great classic rock types its not a genre its an era so system of a down great band metallica not classic not been remember learn your shit
Classic Rock...
Everything that is pure and holy in music
Vocals that has a meaning

Guitar solos that adds a purpose to the song
Out of this world drum's that gives a sense to the song
Groovy bass groves that gives a song a personality.
Every Classic Rock song has a meaning to it, it's own soul, even life.
Really the ONLY music that will still be around when im walking the stairway to heaven.
Classic Rock. Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Beatles, ELP, ELO, Buffalo Springfield, CSN&Y, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane. And so many more
by Thecaddilacman November 28, 2009

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