4 definitions by Phuqer

A cheap store in debt. Cheaper than Walfarts. Unlike Walfart, they don't have as much things to buy.
Our local K-Mart smells like piss when you go inside. Weird.
by Phuqer February 28, 2006
A store. You can buy almost anything there. And if you fart on their walls you get everything you want in the store, free.
"Let's go to Walfarts to buy that new TV. Hey Who knows we may get lucky and get it free if we fart on the walls."
by Phuqer February 28, 2006
I think everyone can agree that this is the worst song ever.

Starship are such glam wannabe's.
"Don't you remember...we built this city on rock and roll..."
by Phuqer February 26, 2006

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