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A person who can find anything to be classy thus annoying his friends/acquaintances with his odd classiness.
Friend 1: Wow dude look at Steve he's wearing a shirt that looks like a Polo brand shirt but it really has a guy playing lacrosse on it.

Friend 2: I know bro. He's such a class hole.
by ClassHole69 December 08, 2010
6 3
a special type of asshole. This kind of asshole has all the generic asshole features, but with an extra special flair. Generally, this person will always try to pull off pranks and sarcasm with as much intelligence and creativity as possible.
I'm sorry my friend just spit in your drink and laughed about it after because he has oral herpes, he's a classhole.
by Taylor and Dani July 26, 2008
12 9
n. a classmate who takes pleasure in the sound of his or her own voice and will not shut up during a class.

n. an obnoxious classmate
Justin never shuts up in class.
He's such a classhole!
by Clumsy the Clown May 11, 2009
9 8
That guy/girl in your class who talks all the time but who never really says anything. Usually someone who brown noses the teacher and always has his/her hand in the air. That guy, in the class.
"So today the professor asked a rhetorical question, and the classhole raised his hand."
by groovynotions February 14, 2010
3 5
A guy, who is an asshole, but tries really hard to hide the fact by trying to be classy.

He insists he is a classy gentleman, but is still just an asshole and the behavior comes out regardless.
Woman #1 - "That guy just held the door open for me, then laughed at me when I stumbled over the doormat"

Woman #2 - "Geez what a classhole"
by Meggggggga December 30, 2009
1 3
White trash wedding gowns that have a hole cut out over the stomach so the pregnant bride's belly can protrude.
Darlene Lee got knocked up and couldn't fit into her momma's wedding gown so they fixed her up with a classhole.
by Trip Dixon August 28, 2009
4 6
What you call classmates that get on your nerves when you are unable to call them @$$holes due to the nature of the audience.
I can't believe what that classhole said in chemistry today...
by Not the Naughty One July 18, 2009
3 6