A cleric who tanks in a roleplaying game, such as EverQuest or Dungeons and Dragons
That cleric is a great clank; she tanked Bertox without any extra help!
I'll bet she's got a ginger clank
by Sir Muff September 11, 2003
Referring to the use of marijuana or in past-tense can be used to refer to being high.
"Hey man, I'll talk to you later. I'm gonna go sit by the train tracks and clank."

"Oh man, I'm so clanked."
by Trace Fossils July 10, 2008
to smell really bad, especially regarding body odour

Maurice is seriously clanking today - he must have forgotten to put deodorant.
by jellycakes November 01, 2006
To Shoot a Nigga. to be shot or shot at
"Did you see that nigga get clanked"
by tony correia October 03, 2003
To blast or Shoot someone.
that wanksta got clanked in the head.
by tony montana October 03, 2003

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