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Outrageous and colorful style; hence the cartoon reference.
Yo, look at all those colors on the new Jordans. Those is straight mickey!


I can't just rock something plain like all black tonight, I gotta get mickey to let them know I'm there to party!
by Copythatagentk February 10, 2011
Slang term for 'locked up', created in reference to the sound the cell door makes upon closing.
Deshaun got clanked for three years for that robbery charge.
by Copythatagentk February 10, 2011
Slang for the passenger seat of a car or any vehicle.
You can call shotgun all you want, but my girl got p seat.
by Copythatagentk February 02, 2011
Having a large inflow of money.
Man this rap money got my pockets full of stacks, best believe a nigga bursting.
by Copythatagentk February 02, 2011
Slang term for how simply obvious it is to tell which decision is the right one. Created in reference to the simplicity of the original Atari game system and the easiness level of the games.
You should definitely call that girl back after she gave you all those signs at the party. That's straight atari man.
by Copythatagentk February 10, 2011
Someone who wears or is wearing clothes from head to toe with matching visible logos.
That guy over there is a definite tag. I mean Louis Vuitton shirt, scarf, shades, hat and shoes?
by Copythatagentk January 14, 2011
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