A classy skank. A.k.a Skankerella
A clank perfectly balances a provocative line. She may posses subtle hints of a surly brawd but is always permeating elegance and beauty.
That Scarlett Johansson is a real clank.
by Hot Mountain Flower May 01, 2010
A person who spends more time on their phone than life itself.
"Yo, that bitch be clank!"

"Look at that ratchet, clank ass bitch!"
by ratch clankerton March 11, 2014
slang word for methamphetimine
bob was so whacked on clank he'd been awake for 14 days straight, and he now mistakenly believed he was the reincanation of Benny Hill.
by the snowcoon April 30, 2011
a person who loves giving oral sex to anybody
"Yo i didn't know that Joe was such a clank
by KiddFresh March 16, 2009
to upset, or inconvienience a person, either intentionally or not.
"I bought a round of drinks, and then everyone elses fucked off - I got clanked"


"I had Rahzel booked to play at our night, and he gone and clanked us because of the bombs in London"


"I got clanked at work - they caught me downloading porn, so i lost my job"
by illjah July 14, 2005
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