A classy skank. A.k.a Skankerella
A clank perfectly balances a provocative line. She may posses subtle hints of a surly brawd but is always permeating elegance and beauty.
That Scarlett Johansson is a real clank.
by Hot Mountain Flower May 01, 2010
It is a sexual act where a woman will have her Clitoris spanked by her sexual partner. (verb)
Yo man I clanked that yat last night!
She made some weird noises when I was clanking her.
by Yellow Foot Clouds August 20, 2009
Jail, or prison.
Yo, Tyrone, I just got out the clank.
by Teeshawn November 12, 2008
slang word for methamphetimine
bob was so whacked on clank he'd been awake for 14 days straight, and he now mistakenly believed he was the reincanation of Benny Hill.
by the snowcoon April 30, 2011
a person who loves giving oral sex to anybody
"Yo i didn't know that Joe was such a clank
by KiddFresh March 16, 2009
to hang up on an annoying person because your not getting your way.
Justin just clanked me. ugh.
by MS. BOOTY August 15, 2007
Word ment to imply that impromptu or spontaneous sexual congregation in an un-traditional location has recently or is currently taking place. The fact that sex is taking place is identifiable to bystanders within ear-shot by the clanking noise of one or more belt buckles being dropped to the the hard-surfaced floor. Origin of word: Kansas City, MO.

May also be used as a verb.

See also "merk" or "merking."
As I re-entered the party, I noticed my friends were gathered around the bathroom door and appeared to be listening intently. A party goer had just entered the bathroom with a random girl. A clank sound was followed by sounds of passion. Those near the door exchanged a knowing look, and several spoke in unison, "CLANK!"

"Hey Padrick, you broke my mirror when you clanked that chick in my bathroom during the party last night."
by Duke L'Orange October 18, 2006

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