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Female version of t-bagging.
I can't believe I caught her clamping my stapler!
by Perry Burgers June 17, 2011
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Camping in such a small space you feel like you are sleeping in a clam. Rustic camping. Camping without glam. The opposite of glamping
I'm not glamping like those idiots. Im clamping the way all real men do.
by Uselessunknown September 05, 2015
First started in the civil war days when the older brothers and fathers were off to war. The younger brothers had to keep an eye on the other farms, tending to them and making sure the residents were taken care of. This got very boring, so they would bring their fathers stash of booze along.

Currently this tradition contiues by stuffing beers in your pockets, booze in a conceled bottle while urban hiking, is mostly used while camping in the woods or on the beach.
While Clamping me and my friends ran across a cabin in the woods where a man was breaking into the house so in our drunken stuper, we stomped his azz.
by Patrick MFing Stewart June 21, 2010

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